We Now Offer Food Services at a HUGE Discount!

We Now Offer Food Services at a HUGE Discount!

Hey everyone, it’s been quite some time since we last updated you all on what’s going on; to say the least, there’s been quite a few updates to AccountsPass over the past few months. 


To start, we are excited to announce that over the coming weeks, we plan on rolling out some updates to AccountsPass that will allow us to fulfill your order(s) within 18 hours. While this isn’t the instant timeframe we originally had hoped to achieve, this is a start. This faster delivery time will be, in part, because we are going to start allowing customers to create AccountsPass accounts. From your AccountsPass account, you’ll be able to:


Order Services 

Keep track of old purchases, and revive login information for the service(s) you ordered

Upgrade to our AccountsPass VIP membership

Gain access to our quality support team via live chat or thru the phone

•More to come in the coming months. 


We very much look forward to presenting you all with these changes soon!


The major thing that we are announcing is, starting today, you’ll be able to get discounts from a variety of food services — including DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, etc. All you have to do is check our Discord server and place an order —> https://discord.gg/7wuw5sd


What’s great about this service is that everything is 100% legal and safe! You will be able to get 40%-65% off your order!


We hope you are just as excited as we are about these changes, and we very much look forward to what’s to come over the coming months.


-AccountsPass Team


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