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100% Personal Accounts

Change the login, add profiles — go crazy!

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Discounts on DoorDash

save up-to 55% on your orders!

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choose from countless services with our AccountsPass VIP membership — starting at just $14.99/month.

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Why Order From Us?

  • We're trusted and reliable — with a bunch of positive reviews online! Unlike everyone else, our support is extremely fast; responses coming within an hour in most cases.
  • We have a variety of ways to purchase services! You can pay using PayPal, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, ZCash, Dash, Square Cash, Google Pay, Zelle, Apple Pay, and more!
  • It's super easy to get replacement accounts when one goes down (which is rare). Just contact us and we'll send you a replacement.

Commonly Asked Questions: 

What are personal accounts?
Is this legal?
Do you offer bulk/reseller discounts?

What our customers think...

“Awesome service and great products! I recommend coming here for all your entertainment needs!”

Andrew Bayne, USA

“The price was unbelievable, the payment took only a few moments of my time via PayPal. The quality of the service is great..."

Tina Hayes, USA

“I have had great experience with with the products and the service here.... Top notch all the way around.”

Jdog Lee, USA

AccountsPass VIP Membership:

If you order frequently from us — or just like a good deal — an AccountsPass VIP membership might be something worth looking into. Starting at just $14.99/month, you get the following benefits:


  • 10% off all Services on AccountsPass
  • 1x Service worth $5 for FREE (doesn’t include extended warranty)
  • 45% off DoorDash Orders ($100/month limit)
  • 2x the Reward Points 
Purchase for $14.99


  • 15% off all Services on AccountsPass
  • 2x Services worth $20 for FREE (includes extended warranty)
  • 50% off DoorDash Orders ($200/month limit)
  • 2x the Reward Points
  • Exclusive Member Giveaways
  • Purchase for $29.99


  • 20% off all Services on AccountsPass
  • 3x Services of ANY Value for FREE (includes extended warranty)
  • 55% off DoorDash Orders ($250/month limit)
  • 3x the Reward Points
  • Exclusive Member Giveaways + Mod Status!
  • Purchase for $44.99
    What Service(s) Do I Get For Free?
    What Does the “Extended Warranty” Mean?
    How Do I Get Discounts on DoorDash?

    Rewards Program

    What is it?

    Our rewards program gives customers the opportunity to get back $5 for every $100 spent on our website. As an AccountsPass VIP member, you get much more!

    What does an AccountsPass VIP member get?

    AccountsPass VIP members get anywhere from 10%-15% back on their purchases. So not only are you getting major discounts and free services, but you are also getting more credit! Bronze and Silver members get $10 back for every $100 spent & Gold members get $15 back for every $100 spent. 

    Does this credit expire?

    After reaching $100 spent and receiving the credit, you’ll have six-months to redeem the credit. If you don’t redeem your credit within that time-frame, it’ll unfortunately go away. 

    Does this work if I pay directly?

    At this time, the rewards program is only available to customers purchasing on our website, https://accounts-pass.com. However, we are interested in expanding this to all customers in the coming months. 

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